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While for the people outside of the profession, cleaning will normally be associated with households and housewives, the engineers in various manufacturing industries well know the value of cleaning as one of the crucial steps in their production or maintenance processes.

There are two main aspects of industrial cleaning: inter-operational cleaning and cleaning of the manufacturing equipment as part of the maintenance process.

Inter-operational cleaning includes any removal of residue like oils, greases or fluids that needs to be done between step of your manufacturing process. For example, if your process includes cutting or drilling of metal, you are very likely using some cooling liquid for this operation. And you may want to remove this residue afterwards. The specifics of these cleaning operations, and with them the requirements towards selected products, can vary much, and I would recommend to contact an expert for technical support and product selection.

Parts Cleaning (Metal)

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Finally, whatever your line of work may be, you’re using some sort of equipment or machinery. And clean equipment is key.

One of the main things that need to be cleaned up is the build-up of greases or dust on parts. In case it isn’t removed in time and thoroughly, it can cause overheating of the equipment, premature wear and break down as well as increase risk of fire.

Parts that require special attention when being cleaned are electrical parts and contacts. For obvious reasons, a non-conductive and non-flammable cleaning agent should be used with these (i.e. Loctite SF 7039).

You can search for cleaning solutions following the below link, but as well as with inter-operational cleaning, I would recommend not to be shy in requesting help from an expert.

Industrial cleaning products

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