Industrial pumps – from assembly to repair


Industrial pumps, apart from being key to functioning of the plant, often carry the significant capital equipment value. Which is why it’s crucial to extend their lifespan and ensure their efficiency.

There are steps that can be taken already during the assembly of the pump which can delay some of the future maintenance steps and / or prevent unplanned failures. Practically each of the pump parts can be treated, often in several aspects. And that’s before we even start talking about repairs.


Let’s start with the bearing frame and housing. The main challenge there is to prevent oil leaks from the threaded assemblies. Leaks can be caused by constant pressure changes within the bearing housing, aided by the existing air spaces between the threads in drain plugs, fittings, etc. By sealing these threads with a sealant such as Loctite 577, you will create a barrier which cannot be penetrated by oil as the pressure in the housing oscillates. Be sure to clean the parts before applying the sealant. If you would like to enhance the curing speed, you can use the activator Loctite SF 7649. You can consult the video for application details.

This simple precaution will result in less oil consumption, eliminate the potential risks related to oil leaks, prevent corrosion and seizing of fittings as moisture and air will be sealed out and finally, it will prevent the contaminants from getting into the oil through the gaps in the threads.


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