Oil leaks and oil seals


If there’s an oil leak on your pump, usually between the frame adapter and oil seal, it means that the said seal is not doing its designated job. No matter how tight the fit between the frame and the seal, there are still small air spaces that can unfortunately allow some of the oil to leak out. And, as I mentioned in one of the previous articles, when we pour liquids into certain engineering systems – we want them to stay there.

In this case Loctite 243 is the go-to option. This is a medium strength threadlocker you would normally use to secure nuts and bolts, but it does the job perfectly here as well. After cleaning the inside diameter of the frame adapter and outside diameter of the oil seal with Loctite 7063, apply Loctite 243 to the outside diameter of the seal. Wipe off any excess material and press together using usual techniques.

It’ll save you a lot of unplanned cleaning up as well as make sure your pump doesn’t suddenly run out of lubricant in the middle of a working operation.

Industrial pumps maintenenca_248

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