Mobile, lightweight and much more



Caravans have been around for decades, giving the modern nomads a convenient and cost effective way to see the world and satisfy their need for mobility. They have come a long way from the first models, which offered only the bare necessities of a temporary accommodation unit, and transformed over time into proper little pieces of mobile luxury.

To achieve that, the manufacturing process itself had to undergo some major changes, too. Except the comfort and cosiness it offers, weight of the caravan is an important factor, too. Especially if you attached it to an average family vehicle and set towards the distant holiday places. In all of the above, replacing different joining methods that were traditionally used with bonding played a key role.

So today, we have the first world’s fully bonded caravan, manufactured by Elddis, the well-known UK caravan company. They’ve left out about 800 screws and bonded the parts instead. The result is the revolutionary shell which is lighter, stronger and drier than ever before. For example, the seams are sealed with Loctite UK 1366 B10 which makes the bonded structure 10 times stronger than the original. You can see more about the improvements that bonding made possible in the video you can find here.

Apart from decreasing weight and further eliminating risk of leaks, their ultimate goal was freedom to design products of any shapes and sizes. And bonding made that possible, while allowing for the new caravans to pass demanding testing and certification and get the 10 year body shell warranty.

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