Too tight?


threadlocker disassembly 2

I’ve been observing some discussions in various forums and there’s a couple of things turning up that I might be able to clarify.

The first is the dismantling issue with bolts and screws having been locked with high strength grades (like Loctite 270 or 2701). To begin with, bolts that need to be disassembled fairly often would better be locked with low or medium strength grades like Loctite 222 or 243.

However if stronger grades were already used by mistake you need to be careful not to damage any parts while dismantling them. It’s best to apply localized heat to nut or bolt to approximately 250 °C. This will loosen the strength of the adhesive.

Another concern that I noticed was about threadlockers potentially leaking into parts where they don’t belong. Generally, if there’s lots of product leaking out of the joint, you’re using too much. But if a small amount does come out it can be simply wiped off. So there’s really no chance of the adhesive getting where it’s not supposed to.

Sometimes people try to observe the curing process by watching the adhesive that’s leaked out of the joint. Don’t do that, because Loctite threadlockers are anaerobic substances and will not cure at all so long as they are in contact with oxygen and not confined between metal surfaces.



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