If you absolutely must weld


Ceramic Shield

I may be an enthusiast for bonding and adhesives, but even I do realise that sometimes nothing replaces welding. I also know, as well as any welder out there, that spatter left behind isn’t exactly welcome and nobody likes removing it. It adheres to your shroud and contact tips, your work parts, it can even interfere with the quality of your weld seam.

There are different protective coatings that can be used to minimise this. Normally, they require frequent re-touching to work, which means you’ve got to stop your welding, put down your welding gear and dedicate time to reapplying the protective coating.

Unless you use Loctite SF 7900 Ceramic Shield. Believe it or not, once applied this product will protect your shroud, contact tips, work parts and surrounding surfaces for the duration of an entire shift: 8 hours. It can also be used on laser and plasma cutting nozzles or jigs, fixtures and fittings. You can find more information here or watch the video.

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