Industrial gearbox and what you can do for it



I’ve been writing quite a bit about industrial pumps, but pumps certainly aren’t the only devices extensively used in various industries. Gearboxes don’t fall far behind on that list either. And they come in as versatile applications as one can imagine: from the use on pencil sharpeners and 3D printers, through elevators, gates and conveyor belts, to heavy duty applications like those in mining and quarrying and moving heavy loads.

Much like with any piece of industrial machinery that’s expected to run efficiently and without interruptions for as long a lifespan as possible, there’s a number of things that can go wrong in its duration, and many factors that can impact the efficiency and longevity of any given gearbox.

However, there are many predictable failures and mishaps that can be prevented by taking steps already at the gearbox assembly or before putting it in service. Bearing spinout and fretting can be prevented by using the retaining compound Loctite 641. You can prevent leakages between oil seal and housing by securing your bolts with threadlockers (Loctite 243 or 248 are recommended). Loctite 577 or 572 will seal and lock your threaded fittings, while Loctite 518 will take care of sealing your rigid flanges. And that’s just naming a few, all before any issues have occured. There are many more pure repair options, too, like repairing cracks or porosities on the housing, removing and converting rust, as well as lubricating and seizure preventing solutions. Find out more.

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