Industrial centrifuge – no lunch break allowed!



Decanter centrifuges are typically used in a wide variety of industries, like oil and fats processing, starch technology, food and beverages manufacturing, pharmaceutical and enviromental industry and many more. One of the most common uses is actually dewatering of industrial and municipal waste sludges. Which means the centirfuges are pretty much running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Which in turn means that any failures must be dealt with in a speedy and efficient manner.

There are several factors that can jeopardise your centrifuge. The bowl outside surface, lower housing, conveyor hub, flights and feed zone are exposed to errosion and chemical attacks. Damages caused in this way can be tackled by using ceramic coatings and putties from Loctite range of products. Many of them are resistant to chemicals, wear and sometimes even elevated temperatures so they will not only repair already existing damages, but also protect the surfaces from future attacks.

Main and headwall bearings can fail due to insufficient lubrication or a combination of imballance, high speed and load. This can be avoided using Loctite retaining compounds.

Locking of the infeed pipe and feed device screwes is something that should go without saying, as is the sealing of bowl flanges to prevent any leakages.

Check here for details of the products. Please be aware that some of the products may have been renamed or rebranded so best to consult an expert locally here as well.

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