Bonding and medicine – closer than you might think



Perhaps most people will still believe that adhesives and medicine have absolutely nothing to do with one another. And yet, there is a fair number of medical devices in whose manufacturing adhesives are used on regular basis. Needles, blood filters, catheters, IV sets, anaesthesia masks, blood oxygenators, blood pressure transducers – to name only a few.

The demands that are posed in front of this industry in terms of design are ever increasing, and the use of adhesives allows the designers much more freedom. The diversity of materials that need to be bonded together is on the rise as well, which is why serious adhesive manufacturers will partner with the manufacturers of these materials and provide bonding assessments on which their customers from the medical industry can rely without concerns.

Even though quality and reliability is the unparalleled number one priority when it comes to medical devices, manufacturing efficiency isn’t unimportant. Which is why with Loctite medical adhesives a well thought-through bonding process comes hand in hand, including dispensing, curing, in-line detection and in-line bonding speed. That’s where the key to costs saving can often be.

If the use of adhesives in food industry is highly regulated, medical industry is even more so. The new Medical Device Regulation issued this year is 360 pages long – replacing the one from 1993, which was mere 60 pages.

You can browse through the medical adhesive offering, but before making any decisions or product selections, absolutely contact an expert for support.

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