Coal in the service of power generation


MRO Power Brochure (GLOBAL)_LR-F-2_small

Producing electricity, which we have all come to take for granted, power plants can’t really afford to stop working. Overhauling operations are carefully planned, making sure that downtime is kept to a minimum and the plant is returned to full capacity functioning quickly.

Something going wrong outside of the scheduled maintenance activities is an absolutely unwanted occurrence. There are certainly considerable differences in maintenance, depending on the type of the power plant.

I’ll be focusing on the traditional thermal, coal fired power plants in this article, but will come back to the other types as well later on. In such a power plant, there are three main maintenance areas:

  • Coal handling plant
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Ash handling

In ash handling where the biggest problems are wear and erosion, while the issues in coal handling and boiler maintenance can be defined under three common denominators: abrasion wear, vibration loosening and frequent leaks.

While the solution for renewal and protection of the metal parts can be found among the Loctite Wearing Compounds, I’ve already previously written about the repair of rubber parts such as conveyor belts. To lock threaded fasteners or seal joints and flanges on your coal crushers, gearboxes, mills and the like, select a product from the range of Loctite engineering adhesives (anaerobics). Find out more about which products best fit the applications for your coal fired power plant. For other types of power plants you can see more here.

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