Splitting atoms: nuclear power generation


14555_Nuclear Power brochure_spreads-9_small

While safety is a crucial point in any of the power plants, in nuclear power generation danger and safety take on a whole new dimension. That’s why any of the maintenance materials used need to be rigorously checked and specially approved. And also suppliers of products need to be more than just a supplier and act as partners and solution providers.

It’s not just about finding the right product to prevent leaks from your pipe systems, to secure bolts on your reactor coolant pumps, lubricate or prevent seizing of your steam turbine parts. It’s about training your expert staff how and when to use them to make sure emergencies do not occur.

Unplanned downtime is just as undesirable in the nuclear power plants as in any others, but a failure in a nuclear plant can have far reaching negative consequences which concern not only the people at the immediate location.

That’s why choosing adhesives, sealants and protective coatings for a nuclear power plant should be a precise operation where experts from both sides are closely involved. High level technical support is what comes as a package deal with the Loctite branded products. Every product recommendation comes with a training for the operational staff who will use it. You can explore options for your power plant, but please be sure to contact an expert for further selection steps.

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