We love machines!




It’s something that an average person seldom thinks about, but practically everything we use in our every-day lives was made using some sort of a machine. Mechanisation and automation made modern industry what it is today and in fact, started a whole new industry segment: manufacturing of industrial machinery.

Whether we are talking about food processing machines, metal-working, mining and rock processing equipment or sophisticated robots, every manufacturer pretty much wants the same things: to design and manufacture a reliable, efficient and durable machine, which will ensure they never hear back from their customers in the form of claims or complaints. No loose screws allowed, no  leaky threaded fittings, no faulty metal components… That’s where engineering adhesives (or anaerobics as we sometimes call them) come so handy. They help lock all threaded fasteners and seal pipe threads and flanges, without making you keep stock of all the different size gaskets and seals.

But even outside of these, what I would call basics, adhesives can be used in the very structure of your machine and replace some of the traditional joining methods, whether it’s to reduce weight of the machine, achieve more efficient design, increase reliability… In such cases it’s best to involve adhesive experts in early design stages. They will always be happy to work with you on achieving the design both you and your customers will be happy with, but meanwhile you can explore your options in general, or see some examples based on the real life cases.

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