It’s all about trust


testing equipment

I would like to say a few words this time about what happens with an adhesive between the moment it comes out of the research and development, and the moment the formulation is sent into actual commercial production. People often wonder how much trust they can put in, often a very thin layer of a chemical to withstand loads or temperature variations, moisture or harsh chemicals, such as those occurring on oil platforms, roller-coasters, fire trucks, tunnel drilling equipment… I could keep going for very long just listing different applications. Naturally, every smart engineer will always want to test any adhesive, sealant or other chemical product in real life conditions, and I totally encourage that.

However, I just wanted to point out how much testing, and how rigorous, happens already far before any adhesive goes into sales. When it comes to Loctite products, there are several tests done to observe mechanical properties like shear strength, physical properties like thermal conductivity, or resistance properties like temperature and chemical resistance. You can see more  here. Normally, it’s also possible to design custom made tests on customer request. Locally based technical sales engineers  will be happy to help with that.

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