Let there be light!


Lighting article

It must be one of the things we take for granted the most: lights all around us. We’ve come to take it for granted that our days do not end with the end of the daylight and grown accustomed to just switch on a bunch of miniature (or not so miniature) surrogate suns and just keep on doing whatever we need to do, rarely wondering what it takes to produce them.

Lighting industry is among the ones subject to most increasing regulatory requirements and rising customer expectations. While the customers expect ever improving design and functionality pleasing to the eye, they will also tend to choose products with longer life span and better overall quality. For a manufacturer who wants to achieve all this, but within a reasonable costs and with acceptable impact on the environment, it’s a clear challenge.

Using adhesives and sealants in your manufacturing process can help tackle this challenge. Whether you’re in street lights or residential, industrial or architectural lighting business, there are solutions. And yes, the requirements are numerous, but so are the possibilities. Feel free to explore.

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