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It’s hard to imagine life without smartphones any more. Even though a recent invention, people took to them like fish to water and I would bet anything that you hardly go anywhere without it in your pocket or handbag. Nowadays it’s also a challenge to find a person who doesn’t own a tablet of some sort as well.

Those of you that have been following this blog for sure know by now that there’s some adhesive in it somewhere, otherwise the topic would not come up.

Manufacturers of smartphones, tablets or of anything with a touch screen really, face certain challenges. They are assembling together parts which are really small, often fragile, subjected to heat, moisture or temperature cycling. All of the above already excludes many mechanical joining methods (imagine a phone that had been welded together!!) and poses a rather interesting challenge in front of the mighty adhesives, too.

However, working closely with an adhesive expert in your design phase and selecting products that do meet the requirements, you can ultimately end up with a better product than you expected.

Using the right adhesive in the right place can actually help:

  • Improve viewing experience on your device (by increasing contrast in the sunlight up to 400%)
  • Increase display ruggedness
  • Extend battery life (by reducing light loss due to reflection)
  • Extend display service life
  • Achieve thinner designs

Feel free to explore more, and never hesitate to contact an adhesive expert before making any decisions.

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