Making the right choice made easier


Product selector visual

I’ve talked and talked and talked about how to choose the right adhesive for your application and emphasised time and again how important it is to get expert help in making this decision. I’m coming back to this topic because Loctite now has a tool that can make this process considerably shorter for you. You will still need to contact an expert and likely test the product at the end, but instead of reading through pages and pages of technical data in search for the answers, you can “tell” what you need to a simple digital selection tool by answering some simple, but specific questions: which substrate you want to bond to which other substrate, what kind of strength is required from the assembled parts, do they need to withstand high temperatures, are they subjected to static loads or is there movement, how quickly do you need the adhesive to cure or what kind of a gap needs to be filed. It takes only a few minutes, and apart from English, it’s available in several other languages you can choose from.

Wishing you a happy search!

6 thoughts on “Making the right choice made easier

  1. Jaap Woudsma

    Dear Sirs,
    Can you inform me about the diferent types you have available and the different yypes ee can use namele loctite hy 4060, 4070, 4080 and 4090? Or have you more types?
    J aap Woudsma


  2. Konrad Solbrig

    Great blog!
    The linked “Adhesive Bonding Selector” as well. Unfortunately, after answering the 10 question, evaluation results in a blanc page. Is there any bug?
    I would be grateful if you double-check the functionality and give me reply.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Konrad! Very sorry to hear it… Unfortunately these online tools tend to get bugs now and again and this was for sure one. Otherwise you would have at least got an answer saying that among products included in the selector there is no option, but that you can contact our tech support for further research. Please come back to me directly via e-mail with your selection criteria and we’ll help directly. Would be great if you could share from which country you are searching and I could connect you with local tech support directly. Thanks!


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