Dispensing and assembly of liquid gaskets



I wrote a lot about the liquid gaskets in the last posts and, as I’ve mentioned previously anyone who is interested in more is welcome to request the complete Gasketing design guide. Nevertheless I have to mention a few more things related to dispensing and assembly of parts when liquid gaskets are used.

When it comes to preparation of the parts, the same golden rule is valid as always with bonding – clean the parts as thoroughly as possible. Normally, pre-produced metal parts will carry instructions from the manufacturer for cleaning before putting them into further use, and they should always be followed.

RTV Elastomers will be slightly less sensitive to contaminants than anaerobics.

Single Rotary

Possibility of automation is often a critical factor when decision is being made on how to seal your flanges. With liquid gaskets the dispensing can be fully automated. Dispensing them robotically is actually the most reliable method for high volume production. Anaerobics can be screen printed as well, but this method is more suitable for medium volume productions which don’t require any flexibility in the process. I definitely recommend consulting an expert before setting anything up.


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