5 main reasons to use a Loctite universal bonder instead of an epoxy


1. Most epoxies come in packaging that requires additional mixing containers and hand mixing of the two components. This can be messy and time consuming an requires attention to not mixing more product at one time than can be used within the working life of the mixture. Loctite universal bonders, like HY 4070, come with in a ready to use packaging with a mixing nozzle that does the mixing job as you work. This also makes applying the product that much simpler and faster and much less messy.

2. In case you’re bonding dissimilar materials, epoxies just won’t work because each substrate will likely require a different type of epoxy. On plastics, epoxies generally perform very poorly.

3. Most epoxies, even those from the 5-minute category, take much longer than 5 minutes to really fixture. Loctite HY 4070 fixtures within 2 and builds up strength fast!

4. While epoxies take quite long to build up strength, with the universal bonders this is much faster, allowing you to continue handling the bonded parts and continuing your process much sooner.

5. Once it’s in your toolbox, a universal bonder is likely to replace several other adhesives you may have been using previously because it performs universally well on the high number of typically used materials.

If you are one of those people who prefer to rely on picture rather than words, have a look.


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