What makes LOCTITE Universal Bonders safer to use than epoxies



Adhesives are liquid or gel substances in their uncured state and consist of organic compounds. Depending on the adhesive technology, the chemical compound contained in the adhesive may be potentially harmful to human body, animals and the environment in its uncured state. Which is why a certain amount of caution is needed handling them and exact safety measures must be observed.

If handled incorrectly, they can cause unpleasant consequences such as rash, redness, and burning and itching of the skin. Some people can have allergies and be overly sensitive to some of the substances in the adhesive.

This is particularly true in case of epoxy adhesives, which are used very often in general industry. For high-strength, temperature-resistant, structural bonds, they are indispensable. And until recently, there really was no alternative option.

Until a range of universal bonders was launched under the Loctite brand, based on patented Hybrid technology which offers structural strength and curing speed, without the unwanted risks.

Universal bonders combine different chemistries taking the best and the least harmful out of epoxies, acrylics and cyanoacrylates and creating the adhesives which are strong, fast, high temperature resistant, work on most substrates and – are the safest option to work with.

In case you’re curious to find out more, have a look at our website.

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