A low cost repair for not such a low cost bike-holder, or: do you trust a few drops of glue to carry your 800 eur bike!


Like in most well-connected teams, we like to challenge each other here at Loctite. So whenever a new range of products is launched, the enthusiasts among us tend to compete in finding applications for them outside of what just our customers need.

Thule_4070 repairThat’s exactly how this example came about. One of the colleagues repaired a bicycle holder which would cost 150 euro if he was going to buy a new one. There were two cracks in it, the length of about 20 cm. Instead of buying a new holder, he used Loctite HY 4070 on it and immediately bragged about it, of course. Much as I was happy for a great repair example, the engineer in my wanted hard evidence, so I told him to come back to me when he’s put the holder through some good use. And he did! A few months and 1500 km later, the holder still holds and carries a bike of a sky-high value all over Europe. Which in itself shows the trust in the repair and in the adhesive used. And it only took a few euros worth of Loctite HY 4070.


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