Partnering with leading global pipeline repair specialist, to combat asset failures


MRO stands for Maintenance Repair & Overhaul. Repair being the least desired of the three. The usual goal of people looking after maintenance of plants and equipment is to achieve such level of reliability where needs for repair don’t actually occur and all servicing is happening in the pre-scheduled overhaul. And Loctite Adhesives and sealants are often a part of maintenance engineers’ toolboxes in almost every industry you can think of. Their proactive use can reduce & eliminate chronic equipment failures, decrease repetitive daily maintenance activities or increase equipment up-time.

In this continuous quest to prevent chronic failures, Loctite partners with top global maintenance service providers to help industries around the world decrease expenses in their down time.

Recently, such a partnership was established with Hydratight, a global leader in bolted joint solutions and pipeline repairs. For one of their contracts, a repair of a large petrol vessel, Hydratight proposed Loctite Composite-System Pipe Repair as the solution to reduce costs and avoid a plant shutdown. The project was completed within the required schedule and the plant could remain in operation.

The video below shows how this repair works under burst test.

If you would like to see more about this specific Hydratight application itself, please see Timely Vessel Repair at a Petrochem Plant by Hydratight | English | Hydratight

Additionally, the LOCTITE composite repair has been used by major Oil & Gas companies to provide a high performance maintenance solution to pipelines with defects and wall thinning, to avoid the need for full replacement of the steel pipe. The Loctite Composite System Pipe Repair is used at temperatures up to + 130 °C in industries like upstream, downstream Oil & Gas production, refineries and chemical processing plants etc. This proactive maintenance measure allows plant operators to avoid downtime due to leaks and minimize economic losses in conjunction with their ongoing inspection for asset integrity.

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