How energy efficient is your pump?


In a world of countless ingenious innovations, if there’s one thing we all largely depend on, it’s got to be pumps. Just think about it, our planet is being hit by some nasty weather conditions recently, we’ve had our share of storms, floods, and fires, and water pumps have been our helping hands in all these alarming situations.  If we translate pump usage into industrial environment, you’ll find that the chemical industry alone hugely relies on pumps, averaging 1.25 pumps per employee. So making sure the pump system is a cost-efficient investment, is kind of like taking care that your employees are healthy and safe –  in the long run, it will pay off greatly.

Apart from the importance of the pump longevity itself (in terms of cost of repairs and replacements) another interesting and important fact to have in mind is how the energy-efficient pumps can help reduce the electricity consumption by amazing 4%. Something to have in mind for your pump system if you’re thinking of cutting your carbon footprint.

Studies collected by Europump & Hydraulic Institute show that 85% of each industrial pump costs are due to energy consumption while maintenance costs are only 10%.

There are several ways to improve the energy efficiency of an industrial pump and coating is one of the easiest and most effective ways. The time consumed is much lower versus methods like installation overhaul, impeller trimming etc. and you will also achieve the shortest return on investment (4-12 months) if coating is the selected solution.

Below examples are real business cases where Loctite protective coatings have been used.

MRO blog 2_Testimonial 1

Customer Testimonial 1 – 19,9% energy efficiency increase, 4.55 months payback time

MRO blog 2_Testimonial 2

Customer Testimonial 2 – 12,68% energy efficiency increase, 5.11 months payback time

If you want to find more information on specific protective coating products, feel free to visit our website (select your local language content in the navigation top of the screen).

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