Solving maintenance challenges with Loctite Threadlockers


Many of the most common maintenance issues in industry can be traced back to failures of threaded assemblies. There is most probably not a single piece of industrial machinery out there that doesn’t have something secured on it by screws or bolts, and those can fail in a few ways as I’ve already described in the previous articles. Two most common problems from maintenance perspective are vibrational loosening and corrosion and seizure. And both have the same root cause: unfilled gap between the threads which allows for side to side movement under vibrations and humidity penetration within the assembly.

When that happens outside of the maintenance cycle on industrial machinery, it means several things:

  • Stopping the entire manufacturing process & troubleshooting for failure
  • Most likely scrapping the batch of whatever items were being produced at the time
  • Disrupting other, related processes in manufacturing

All this means waste of time and ultimately money, which is why zero unplanned downtime hours is the holy Grail of every chief of maintenance everywhere.

And none of them want to compromise this goal by something as mundane and silly as a loose screw. And locking them by Loctite Threadlockers is countless times more reliable than using mechanical fastening devices, simply because the liquid threadlocker is the only solution that fills the gaps between threads and removes the root cause to the two main issues in maintenance.

And gap filling by Loctite anaerobics extends to more than just Threadlocking, all of it useful in proactive maintenance. Have a look:

If you would like to sample Loctite 243 you can now request one from your local Loctite team (select your country at the top navigation on the website).

Or if you’re not ready to sample yet, keep an eye on our webinars calendar and join us in one that suits your needs most to find out more about liquid threadlockers first.

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