5 reasons why Loctite 243 is a “must have” in your maintenance kit


Loctite 243 is a medium strength threadlocker that secures all types of threaded fasteners like nuts, bolts and studs, at the same time sealing them against corrosion. While there are naturally exceptions in some cases, Loctite 243 will be suitable for the vast majority of standard threadlocking applications and you are unlikely to need another grade very often.

Reason 1:5reasons_reason1

Strengthens threaded assemblies against vibration by adding approx. 25% to the torque needed to loosen a normally tightened bolt assembly.

Reason 2:5reasons_reason2

One product for locking various sized fasteners, versus an inventory of different sized mechanical locking devices you would otherwise need to keep (saves both money and space).

Reason 3:5reasons_reason3

It’s suitable for active and inactive substrates. Do note though that activator Loctite SF 7649 is needed on inactive surfaces.

Reason 4:5reasons_reason4

It’s tolerant to minor oil contamination, curing on as-received fasteners without cleaning, or on parts that aren’t easily accessible for thorough cleaning during maintenance.

Reason 5:5reasons_reason5

Assembly locked by Loctite 243 can be easily disassembled, when needed, using ordinary hand tools.

In case you’ve never yet tried Loctite 243, you can now request a free sample and give it a go. (Please select your respective country at the top navigation before filling in the form.)

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