Loctite Threadlocker – removability & disassembly


Advertised strength of the threaded assembly secured with a Loctite threadlocker can sometimes be the reason some engineers decide against them, fearing they may complicate disassembly which is necessary for repairs and regular maintenance. So, I feel I need to elaborate on that a bit.

Every assembly locked with a Loctite threadlocker can be dismantled – and I mean: every! It’s just a question of how and which method to use. When low and medium strength grades are used, the parts can be disassembled by using regular hand tools. In fact, the disassembly will be largely helped by the absence of any corrosion that usually occurs between the threads when no liquid threadlocker is used.

If a high strength grade is used, localised heat (up to 2500C) needs to be applied after which the same method of using regular hand tools works.

Looking at the video tutorial, it seems almost embarrassingly simple. So, in case you had any reservations related to disassembly, rest assured – there is no need for any.

A liquid Loctite threadlocker will improve reliability of your assembly for several reasons:

How to disassemble_reliability

On top of that, the clamp load retention is considerably better with a liquid threadlocker compared to mechanical devices.

How to disassemble_Clamp load retention

If you would like to test this yourself you can now request a sample of Loctite 243 from your local Loctite team (select your country at the top navigation on the website).

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