Loctite Threadlockers pick’n’mix


Using a liquid threadlocker will certainly simplify things in terms of types and sizes and quantity of different locking devices you need to keep on stock. And in roughly 80% of the cases a standard Loctite 243 will be all you need. However, there are certain specific applications, where you need to look into other available grades. And no worries, it’s still not going to be a hundred products to navigate through, comparing complex details. No, we are talking about a rather comprehensive range of four products that are likely to fit your requirements, whether your business is in heavy industrial equipment or delicate electronic components.

The main thing is to determine the needed strength level, the frequency of dismantling for maintenance and whether or not you might need to apply your threadlocker on already assembled pieces.

On the picture below, you can see the available products with the main technical characteristics to look into when selecting the one that’s right for you. The selection is rather straight forward and, as already mentioned, in big majority of the cases Loctite 243 does the trick, but it’s definitely recommended you look into our recommendation online or contact our technical customer service if you have any concerns.

Loctite threadlockers pick n mix

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