No more warranty claims for electric motors manufacturer


When loose screws are causing downtime in your production and issues in your own maintenance processes, it’s certainly neither wanted nor pleasant. But when they cause warranty claims for the goods you’ve manufactured – then it’s downright embarrassing!

Costs of covering those warranty claims are certainly not negligible, but the damage caused to the brand value and customer trust is often immeasurable.

No more warranty claims_electric motor

And for the electric motors manufacturer in Asia it was a nightmare come true. Loosening of fasteners (although spring washers were used to lock them in place) on housing end bells was continuously leading to damage of the motors, after they have already been put in service, mainly caused by the vibration of the cooling fan.

Searching for a solution, it was quickly realised that a threadlocking method will have to be used which addresses the question of the gap between the fastener threads, if the same problem was to be avoided in the future. As it was a very standard threadlocking application, Loctite 243 worked perfectly on it, and just a few drops on every fastener prevented further warranty claims and helped restore the brand reputation.

In case you’d like to learn more about threadlocking on electric motors specifically, keep an eye out for a webinar on this topic, or simply contact us directly and we’ll be happy to talk about your specific requirements.

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