How to ensure Threaded Fastener reliability on industrial pumps


Pump breakdowns have a significant negative impact on cost and productivity. Many of these breakdowns are the result of simple, needless failures, such as the loss of clamp load between two assemblies caused by a loose fastener. Proactive maintenance can reduce the risk of such breakdowns and increase pump reliability and longevity.

There are a few most common issues that occur, related to threaded fasteners:

Threaded fasteners in industrial pumps

gap between threads

Pumps typically operate in severe service environments, with plenty of vibration and thermal fluctuations. Even if the bolts are secured with some type of mechanical locking device, there is still a large enough gap present between the bolt and nut threads to allow for side to side movement under vibration which ultimately leads to loosening in as few as 50 to 100 cycles. Additionally, the gap will allow the moisture to get in, which will inevitably lead to corrosion.

By applying only a few drops of Loctite 243, this critical gap can be eliminated, and with it all the consequences it usually causes.

If you haven’t tried liquid threadlocker so far, you can now request a sample of Loctite 243 and give it a try. On the other hand, in case you’re not ready to sample yet and would like to learn more about threadlocking, keep an eye out for a webinar on this topic, or simply contact us directly and we’ll be happy to talk about your specific requirements.

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