Sticky Business. Or not?


In a production or maintenance environment how do you remove sticky particles from rotary or static parts? Some will say “by loads of time and efforts”, others by using different type of plates or PTFE coatings but neither of these solutions are offering the desired results or a very elegant process.

But what if you could prevent the sticking from happening in the first place? Loctite PC 7337 is a recent addition to the brand’s polymer composites range, suitable to do this specific job: it seals and protects equipment from corrosion and wear & it has anti-sticking properties. While Loctite as a brand is usually associated with adhesives and adhesion, this particular product is all about anti-sticking and preventing adhesion. Because apart from causing abrasive or corrosive damage, fine particles can actually cause serious problems with both rotating and static equipment simply by sticking to it. A coating which has anti-sticking properties, withstands abrasion  or high temperatures makes the life of any production or maintenance staff much much easier.

Loctite PC 7337 is 4 times more durable than a regular ceramic based coating. It’s easy to use and ultra-smooth. It can be used just as well in dry conditions, in transport elbows, chutes or other equipment as on pumps. And the consumption of the product is very cost efficient. To coat for example a blade with a total surface of 9 square meters, you will need 18 kg of ceramic coating versus only 4 kg of Loctite PC 7337!

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