My name is Sebastian Horstmann and engineering is my passion. It was while working on my PHD thesis that my fascination with adhesives began. Currently, I’m combining my two passions as one of Loctite engineers in Henkel. In this blog you can read about most common issues engineers come across in their daily work and how use of adhesives and sealants can make their lives easier. In my six years of experience and through the experience of many of my colleagues, who will sometimes join me in contributing to the content of this blog, we’ve come across countless anecdotes with our customers that started as problems, but finally, after we together found a solution, became something that both sides look back on fondly. There’s nothing that feels as good as helping someone. That feeling that you were able to step up and do something about a very real problem with potentially costly and very hazardous consequences. That’s why I love my job.