Loctite Essentials


And when I say “Essentials”, I really mean “Essentials”! Although adhesive as a chemical and bonding as technology is pretty ancient, engineers may still have concerns when deciding to bond versus other, more traditional methods.

One of the concerns is often related to by now a common belief that selection of the right adhesive for a job is a very complex process, that there are too many options and too many factors to consider, that even the tiniest change in either manufacturing or operating conditions in which a certain piece of technology is used, affects the adhesive choice.

Which is true. For a fairly small number of very, very specific, sensitive cases. And in those cases you’ll want to talk to an adhesive expert and rely on his or her support every step of the way. But even in those very specific cases, you’ll often conclude that, although complex, adhesive is still your best bet as the traditional methods limit your design and / or your operating conditions far too much.

Nevertheless, in the huge majority of very standard cases, your choice of adhesive comes down to selecting between about a dozen of very standard, very available and very easy to use products. Companies normally like to boast with the variety of products and a huge range they offer – and we are no different, make no mistake!

But there is a time when you want to make things simple for your customers, respecting the scarce time they have on their hands. Which is where the Loctite Essentials come in: 14 products that will cover over 90% of all your adhesive needs. Even better, you’ll most likely cover 80% with the first seven, and you’ll be able to do so with hardly any guidance.

And among the 14 products, it’s not even just adhesives. You’ll find your most commonly used cleaner, a lubricant, primer for hard to bond plastics, your emergency repair product, your basic sealants and gasketing products and – for when you absolutely must weld – your spatter protection!

All very straight forward and easy to navigate, but still, if you do have any questions, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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