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Before any industrial production or processing can begin, the necessary machines and equipment need to be purchased and installed. All this equipment needs sturdy, stable and smooth foundation to rest on, to avoid misalignment.

Flooring in average industrial plants tends to be imperfect and uneven, which doesn’t make mounting of the equipment any easier.

Traditionally, this issue is solved by different chocking methods which secure that the machine (engine, turbine, pump, generator, gearbox…) stays securely in place even under challenging working conditions. Apart from traditional methods, there are chemical solutions available nowadays such as Loctite PC 7202, which are simple and easy to use and don’t require any special tools. The product is self-levelling, non-corrosive and highly resistant to chemicals. It’s extremely durable and additionally reduces the shock and noise of the machine. More details available here.

Marine Chocking Blog

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