Slippery grounds


Anti slip

Flooring in industrial areas has to meet several different standards, depending on the industry. One that all industries have in common is the safety. And slippery floors aren’t safe floors. It doesn’t matter whether they only support pedestrian traffic or there’s vehicular traffic such as forklifts, transportation carts etc. passing through as well. Whatever the vehicle and however small and harmless it may appear, it needs to be able to stop in time and whenever needed. And if the floor doesn’t provide sufficient friction, that is very hard to do. There are, of course, several different methods to make sure your floors are safe. For pedestrian traffic, roughened adhesive strips are probably the most well-known. However, they tend not to last very long and come off bit by bit.

Loctite PC 6261 & 6315 are surface coating products designed specifically for treating the floors to create a protective, anti-slip top coat. They will outlast and outperform sand and paint any time and are really easy to use and apply (video 1) (video 2).

They are also resistant to most common industrial chemicals and Loctite PC 6261 is available in so called “safety yellow” as well (video 3)

(*please note that Big Foot range is now branded Loctite)

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