Savings through proactive maintenance proven in steel industry


Bao steel infographic

Pumps and related equipment are something I’ve talked about in detail quite a bit. I’m returning to the topic because there is a fantastic story coming from the steel industry in Shanghai where we have actually managed to translate the benefits of using Loctite products in repairs and maintenance, into figures.

Equipment in steel industry is subjected to extremely harsh conditions, and with pumps being one of the most expensive elements in the overall equipment, local erosion presents a really serious problem. Life span of the pumps is reduced drastically and pump parts being scrapped early causes considerable expenses.

Repairing the pumps (and other) parts with Loctite products prolonged their service lives multiple times and saved tens of thousands of euros in energy consumption for Baoshan Iron and Steel Co.. The efficiency of the vacuum pumps was doubled and there were no new repairs needed on them within the next 2-4 years. Feel free to browse through further details.


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