For your babies


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I bet you’re thinking that’s a funny headline for an article in an engineering blog! But there is a connection, just as there is one between pineapples and shipping containers :-).

A regular Joe rarely stops to think how many of the everyday things we use are products of engineers and engineering. As a bumper sticker that ended up on an engineer’s office door says: God made the world, and engineers made everything else :-).

All jokes aside, there are very few things in life that come even close in importance to the safety and wellbeing of our children. And engineers who design baby carriers, buggies, cots, beds and baby accessories in general, know that very well. The first thing new parents are interested in is safety and reliability of any of those items. Which is why the design engineers submit them to rigorous testing and often rely on adhesives to make sure every assembly put together stays together, regardless how many hours of rocking or how many kilometres of rolling over roughly paved park paths they have to serve. Loctite threadlockers ensure that they always open, close and function reliably, while instant adhesives are used to keep together parts made of difficult to bond plastic materials. Company “4moms” is an example of such a manufacturer and you can see more about their use of adhesives here.

Generally, people are often surprised to learn how many things we take for granted would look and function much differently if there were no adhesives used in their making.

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