No, I’m not talking about the popular TV show, but rather about a demanding process that has to happen periodically in industrial plants, whatever their purpose is. This means stopping the operations, bringing all the equipment to a halt, cooling it off and giving your production or processing machinery some tender loving care. If that’s done on the regular basis, it should prevent any (or at least most) unplanned downtime in between.

I’ve already talked about the importance of cleaning your equipment regularly, but maintenance processes certainly go beyond cleaning. The requirements of an overhaul will vary depending on the type of your equipment, specifics of your processes and accessibility of all your equipment parts. But more than likely there will be parts to dismantle which might be seized or corroded (or both), parts that will need to be put back together securely, but in a way that will prevent seizure and / or corrosion until the next maintenance activity. There will be seals to replace, gaskets to form, surfaces to protect or even rebuild, bolts to secure…

Good news is: there are suitable products for all your needs and we are not talking about hundreds, not even dozens.

There are some ten or so products which come as life-savers to every maintenance engineer and should always be available in his or her tool-box. If the so unwanted and never welcome unplanned failure does happen, these should make the occasion far less painful:

Maintenance heros

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